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Partner Ana Utumi speaks at tax conference in Colombia

Partner Ana Utumi served as a panelist at the 1st International Tax Seminar of the Federal Tax Authority of Colombia (Dirección de Impuestos y Aduanas Nacionales – DIAN). The event took place at the convention center of Cartagena on the February 13th.

Partner Ana Utumi to chair a panel at Annual ADBF Congress

Partner Ana Cláudia Utumi is going to chair a panel discussing Tax Planning at the 2019 ABDF/IFA Brazil Congress, which will reunite some of the top Brazilian experts in this field. The congress will take place in Rio de Janeiro, at the Hotel Rio Othon Palace, from March 27th to 29th. More than 70 panelists […]

Ana Cláudia Utumi speaks at STEP Brazil meeting

On January 30th, partner Ana Utumi spoke in a meeting organized by the Brazilian Branch of STEP – Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners, where she discussed Compliance and Tax Inspections, alongside with criminal lawyer Pierpaolo Bottini, and Trends and Potential Changes in Tax Law, alongside Eduardo Augusto Freitas, who represented the Brazilian Banks Association […]

Ana Cláudia Utumi contribute with ICLG Private Cliente 2019

Partner Ana Cláudia Utumi contribuited with the chapter “Brazil” for ICLG Private Client 2019. The ICLG (International Comparative Legal Guides) series provides current and practical comparative legal information on a range of practice areas. Read the full article here:

Partner Ana Cláudia Utumi speakes at FGV-SP seminar

On November 5 th , our partner Ana Claudia Utumi spoke at the Getúlio Vargas Foundation in São Paulo during the discussions on legal certainty on interpretation of tax law. The seminar was specially focused on interpretation of transactions considered to be tax planning.

O Dia D para Bolsonaro e Sergio Moro

Our Partner Ana Cláudia Akie Utumi spoke to Exame Magazine about Federal Judge Sergio Moro been chose by elected president Jait Bolsonaro, to be Brazil’s Minister of Justice in his government. Full article available here (in Portuguese):

Founding parter Ana Cláudia Utumi panelist at Brazilian Tax Law Seminar

Partner Ana Cláudia Utumi served as a panelista at the “Tax and Technology”, panel during the “XXXII Congresso Brasileiro de Direito Tributário – Direito Tributário na Era da Informação” (32nd Brazilian Tax Law Seminar – Tax Law in the Technology Era), which took place in São Paulo, October 25th and 26th. Ana Cláudia spoke about BEPS (Base Erosion […]

As propostas tributárias de cada candidato a presidente

Our partner Camila Abrunhosa Tapias spoke to O Estado de S. Paulo newspaper about the tax proposals of the current presidential candidates, Fernando Haddad and Jair Bolsonaro. Full article available here (in Portuguese):

International tax compliance programmes discussed by Ana Utumi at São Paulo seminar

Partner Ana Cláudia Utumi spoke this week in the “Compliance Lax Law” seminar, organized by the Instituto Brasileiro de Estudos Tributários (IBET ) and the São Paulo State Treasury Office on October 4th. In her speech, Ana presented the international experience related to the compliance tax programmes.

Dinheiro ao Vivo

Partner Ana Claudia Utumi was interviewed by TV Dinheiro about the possible changes in tax law and points to be observed when planning about taxes. Full interview available here (in Portuguese):

Ana Utumi discusses “Limits of Tax Planning” at the ABRADT’s Tax Law Congress

Ana Claudia Utumi spoke at the panel “Limits of Tax Planning” at the Tax Law Congress of the Brazilian Association of Tax Law ABRADT that counted with 950 attendees. Full programme is available at the congress online page.

Chegou a hora de tributar os dividendos?

In a story published by Capital Aberto Magazine, partner Ana Cláudia Utumi analyses if the taxation of dividends in Brazil – which have been discussed by the main president candidates – would be negative or positive to the country. Full article (in Portuguese) available at:     

Ana Cláudia Utumi discusses transfer price rules and digital economy

Founding partner Ana Cláudia Utumi spoke today about transfer price rules and digital economy at FGV Direito in São Paulo.

Ana Cláudia Utumi speak at the Brazilian Congresso of International Tax Law

“Cryptocurrencies are not currency stricto sensu, according to Central Bank. They are not financial assets either, based on Brazilian SEC (CVM) understanding. However, they are assets for tax purposes and, therefore, their generation (mining), acquisition, use or alienation generate tax consequences”, explained Ana Claudia Utumi at the Brazilian Congress of Tax Law, organized by Brazilian Institute of Tax Law […]

Rádio Justiça

Our partner Camila Tapias spoke to Rádio Justiça about the Brazilian Tax Reform in the context of presidential elections: proposals in discussion, what may change and the impacts on taxpayers.

“Tax Reform and the Competitiveness of Companies” discussed by Ana Utumi

Partner Ana Claudia Utumi addressed the important subject “Tax Reform and the Competitiveness of Companies” during her lecture at the Brazilian Congress of Law Firms, organized by SINSA – Union of the Law Firms in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Tributação de fundo familiar pode ‘exportar’ poupança

Founding partner Ana Cláudia Utumi talked to Valor Econômico newspaper about a bill which is being discussed in the Brazilian Congress and intends to bring changes to the taxation of a couple of investment funds in Brazil. Full article (in Portuguese) available here:

Batalha jurídica deve marcar tributação de fundo fechado

Founding partner Ana Cláudia Utumi talked to Valor Econômico about the possible Judicial litigation which may arise from the possible approval of a Bill which is being discussed in the Brazilian Congress and intends to bring changes to the taxation of one type of investment fund in Brazil. Full article (in Portuguese) available here:

Rádio Justiça

Our partner Camila Tapias spoke to Rádio Justiça, about the recent US protectionist measures, the trade dispute with China and the possible impacts on Brazilian Market.

Ana Cláudia Utumi to speak at the Swedcham Brasil

Tax Planning will be the subject of the Finance Committee and Legal and Business Committee of the Swedcham Brasil on June 26, 2018, and partner Ana Cláudia Utumi will be there to present her ideas about the subject.

Rádio CBN Campinas

Ana Claudia Utumi discussed at CBN Campinas Radio the problems that a too high taxation on consumption may provoke. Podcast (in Portuguese) available here:  

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